• xxs
  • xs
  • s
  • m

  • xxs
  • xs
  • s
  • m

  • 10"
  • 12"
  • 14"
  • 16"
  • *this is an estimate for pounds, sizing may vary by each pet, but this is based on what specific breeds have worn in the past, for more accurate sizing please measure with measuring tape
  • xxs fits up to 9" neck - snaps at 10"
  • xs fits up to 11" neck - snaps at 12"
  • s fits up to 13" neck - snaps at 14"
  • s/m fits up to 15" neck - snaps at 16"
  • m fits up to 17" neck - snaps at 18"
  • l fits up to 20" neck - snaps at 21"
  • xl fits up to 23" neck - snaps at 24"
  • xxl fits up to 25" neck - snaps at 26"
  • TIPS:
    Since our products are handmade:

    • For most acccurate sizing, please measure your furiends neck!
      if you don't have a measuring tape, measure their collar with a ruler
    • if your pup is growing - we recommend to size up to projected weight and we can put an extra snap so your pet can grow into it
    • Since each item is handmade to order, sizes may vary from each but it should be able to fit your furiend!
    • If you're in between sizes, you can size up and we can add extra button by request for a better fit.
    • Custom sizing is available! please contact us!
  • CARE

    To preserve the quality, please hand wash bandana in cold water and let it air dry


    In order to protect our furiends, we recommend to please DO NOT leave products unattended. The snaps on the bandanas are considered a choking hazard once separated.

    LULUS PAWS will not be responsible for any damages that may occur. As tempting as it is, please stay safe and keep products out of reach for them to play with.

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